Problem Description This step is as much your job as ours. We aim to facilitate the process of articulation. Establishing a common understanding of products, markets and audience is the first step to success.

Establish Objectives, Criteria, Budget, Schedule As the second step, we will review stated objectives and the criteria for judging the appropriateness and success of a solution. We will also obtain budgets and schedule.

Data Collection Lack of information is one of the biggest obstacles to creative problems solving. Be ready for lots of questions. This is where the seeds of creative solutions are sewn.

Asset Inventory This step is worthy of mention if only because it is so often overlooked. Identifying the value of previous communication, existing imagery, brand equity will show us historic shortcomings as well as strengths.

Conceptualization During the concept stage we will present likely solutions for measurement against the agreed upon objectives and criteria.

Realization and Implementation Then we do it. Just like we said.

Evaluation Finally, we take a look back and evaluate what we've done. Congratulations all around for a job well done and an honest examination to see how next time can be better.